The Haitian-American Diaspora Council, or HADiC, is a coalition of Haitian-Americans that seek to collaborate with Haitian society and help steer Haiti to an era of prosperity, security, democracy, and opportunity for all of its inhabitants and descendants.  The Haitian-American community is an instrumental and growing part of the American fabric.  

Now at over two million plus Haitian descendants in the United States, this community has deep consternation at the history of US foreign policy to Haiti. A response to these harmful policies is the community deciding to proactively turn the levers of US foreign policy influence so that Haiti can reach its potential to meet the needs of its entire people. 

With the largest population among the Caribbean island countries, current US policy to Haiti promotes the “boat people” and “Central American route” phenomenon of irregular migration, illegal gun trade, sex trafficking, and Haiti as a hub for a multitude of transnational crime.

A Haiti that is prosperous, with security, liberty, justice and opportunity for all of its inhabitants and descendants is one that would curb all of this and instead be a stabilizing force in Caribbean region. US foreign policy supposedly should actively support this. 

Beginning now, the voices and influence of the broader Haitian-American community will be steering such policies.  With the onset of a new decade, regional stabilization policies as it relates to Haiti is what the community is proactively engaging US foreign policy to implement.  Yes, this does include socio-economic policies.  

With HADiC this new era of activism not only ensures a better Haiti for its people, but also ensures US security in the Western Hemisphere.